I've attended this outdoor class with Teacher Ellen for most of the last 7 years, with both my kids. 

Why do we keep coming back?

I grew up in the country, with easy access to space where I could relax and think; my children are growing up in Silicon Valley, in a very different world. Research has now proven that, aside from just feeling good, being in nature helps learning/test taking ability and health.

Teacher Ellen has been an excellent teacher throughout both my children's time with her. She always has a plan for each class but is able and willing to adapt if circumstances (trapped birds/dry creeks/class member's interests) lead in a different direction, and has a natural ability to balance a child led/adaptive curriculum (flexibility) with gentle structure. 

She has also introduced us to beautiful open spaces that we otherwise would not have known about and provided a very helpful introduction to the local flora and fauna. 

-Shelley Feiven-Alleston

My three children and I have loved every minute of this class! Being outside in nature is as fun for me as it is for my kids.

Every week we explore a new park or open space, and we always see some new animal or interesting thing in nature. 

Teacher Ellen is patient, kind, and fun with the kids - they love her!

Combining a hike with an art or science project, and a snack and story time keeps the kids engaged and stimulated for the entire class. 

- Katie Briggson